Happy Holidays!

There you have it…I said it…before Thanksgiving, even before Halloween!! I said Happy Holidays!! Growing up in our house, it was considered a sin to speak of the Holidays prior to Thanksgiving. I adopted this policy as I got older, even though it got harder and harder for me as my Love for the Christmas season grew. Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE Christmas!! I love everything about the season: the actual meaning of Christmas, the lighted trees, colored lights on houses, ornaments, Christmas cookies, candy canes, holiday music, Santa (yes he still comes to my house and I am 29), snow (albeit rare), cold weather (only for the month of December), family, holiday parties, I could go on forever naming why I love it! I even chose to have my wedding this December; Forever I will have the most special day of my life on the first day of December.

But why am I talking about the Holidays again? And why so early? Well, I happen to work in an industry where we are always looking 2 months ahead if not more. At least if you are not, I am! I always try to plan ahead so orders don’t get rushed (and cause me to lose sleep at night), but I am especially trying to plan ahead this year since I will be attending my own wedding and honeymoon the first few weeks of December. (Don’t fret, there will be someone standing by for me while I am gone.) It has also been my experience in the past years that stock gets low and production time gets longer and longer the closer December 25 gets, so why wait?

Holiday cards and thoughtful gifts are especially important to give to your clients during this season. Let’s be honest, everyone likes receiving a gift, and especially when it is not expected. It can be as small as a card in the mail, or as large as a custom etched bottle of wine; I encourage all of you to think Holiday early this year, and help your clients remember you as we head into 2013!

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