The Perfect Giveaway…does it exist?

“Perfect” is one of those words that has become wayyyy too overused in our society (IMO). I am so guilty of it…it’s like my go-to word to describe meals, outfits, wine, music, the list goes on…when it meets my expectations, I call it “perfect.” I like to think I live in a half-glass full kind of world; using the word seems to really just describe the feeling of “satisfied” for me. Yes, I am sure I could always be MORE satisfied, but I don’t really ever think of situations that way. So in a sense, I guess the word “perfect” may be (in my little happy place) OK. There is this $7 bottle of Cabernet that I have come to love on a Wednesday night (don’t get me wrong, I love those $60 bottles too but they are not practical). I kinda think the $7 bottle is perfect; It is perfect for the Wednesday night glass I want to have with no guilt if I don’t finish the rest that week…LOL, that never happens.

I have customers come to me all the time asking for the “perfect” giveaway. They want to know what is the latest and greatest, or best-selling, or most comfortable, or best value. It is really a hard question for me to answer, because my belief is that “perfect” means something different to everyone. What is perfect for one person is not for another; Just the same a perfect giveaway for one event is in most cases not going to be close to the same as another.

In the end, I stand behind my word that there is, in fact, a “perfect giveaway” for every event/restaurant/business…it needs to be changed over time to reflect changes in business models or Clientele, it needs to be updated based on the type of event, it needs to be revisited on a yearly basis to assess its relevance. It isn’t going to be the same t-shirt that worked for your neighbor, it isn’t going to be the same water bottle that fit your husband’s company logo…but for you, it will be “perfect”.

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