Helenbach, Georgia

So it has been about a month since I wrote last. Sorry about that…life has gotten in the way! Our wedding is quickly approaching, our weekends have been a mad dash to and fro, and it seems everyone wants their promotional products yesterday! Needless to say, these are all great things, but they have put the blog on the back burner for the month of October.

Late September, Chad and I took a trip to the N. Georgia mountains, also recently known as ‘Georgia Wine Country’, although I am not sure I would brag about that if I were them. We both love our wine, and we thought this would be a fun time to go up with the leaves turning. We found a sweet little Inn that we decided to try it; This place was actually a highlight of the weekend with fresh breakfast each morning and only 11 cozy rooms. Let me preface this with the fact that we still had a wonderful weekend despite our letdown from the wine. I guess that is one way to know you have found a true partner for life, make the best of any situation and have fun!

Despite our grand plans to take a long hike on Saturday morning, we woke up to pouring rain. So after our breakfast and coffee, we decided to head into the town of Helen to check it out. What we found was unlike anything we had experienced or imagined.


A German town in the middle of N. Georgia. They were in full Oktoberfest celebration which helped pass the time. After touring around briefly, we posted up to listen to a little music and drink a German Beer.


Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because this trip confirmed for me that people really will buy ANYTHING! The stores we traveled into had all kinds of “Swag” branding this town of Helen. I have never seen anything like it~even at the cheesy stores along the beach walks they don’t have this much crap. But, I guess even the town of Helen needs to brand itself…

Oh, and by the way, the wine was not very good..they still have some work to do if they want to give Napa a run for their money.


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