Writer’s Block or Just Blame it on Summer?

I am going to go with “Blame it on Summer,” Because I am not at all a writer, I don’t think I can fall into the category of “writer’s block”.

I think it was raining last time I posted…must be something about being stuck inside all day, needing a break from work but can’t go outside to walk the dog…guess I will write…

Just wondering if anyone else’s summer has been as crazy as ours? We totally overbooked ourselves this summer. All fun trips and we have had the opportunity to catch up with many great friends, but we can’t seem to slow down. I know, this is the time in our lives when we should be jet setting off everywhere we can. I guess it is much easier to leave every weekend when you DON’T live in an amazing city like Charleston, that could practically be a vacation every day of every week of every year, right? We are lucky to say the least…that is why I can’t complain about these crummy days we have every once in a while. God has to punish us somehow when we spend every weekend doing this…


So if you are traveling as much as we are this summer, below are some necessities (I think…) I feel like one of those magazine articles in IN STYLE where they feature “What is in her carry-on bag?




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