Oh Holy City

So today I am writing not about marketing, and not about promotional products, but about the city I love to call home: Charleston, South Carolina. I was driving over the bridge this morning to pick up some of Chad’s friends from a beach house they rented on Isle of Palms (It was his Bachelor Party Weekend-and I stayed away until I was needed to taxi people to the airport Monday morning). As I drove into the sun rising over the horizon at 7:30am and saw the palm tree silhouettes against the sparkling sea as I reached the top of the IOP Connector, I fell in love with this city all over again.

My Love Affair started with Charleston years ago. Although I did not grow up by the saltwater, I quickly realized after living here a few years how much it clears my mind on a daily basis. The world could be crashing down, but yet it is nothing a walk on Sullivan’s Island, a run on the Cooper River Bridge, or a ride in the boat can’t snap me out of. This summer has been extra special because we have finally started exploring some of the treasures of Charleston that you cannot see from a car. We have traveled up and down the Intracoastal Waterway by boat as well as paddle-boarded and kayaked some of the creeks. Just when I think I have lived in this city for 8 years and seen it all, we discover something new.

I hate that sometimes I get so caught up in my everyday routine that I forget where I live until visitors are in town. I know that we live in a place that many dream of, vacation to, or never get to visit in their lifetime; I know that when I leave my house, I drive over at least one if not three bridges every single day; I know that the oysters are fresh, the beaches are sandy, and less than a mile from my house can I see water; I know that I can wear my flip-flops to a client meeting and they will understand; I know that the sunsets are unreal and the rainstorms are debilitating yet refreshing at the same time; I know that wherever I go, I will see familiar and smiling faces; And I know that Charleston will always be my Holy City.


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