Summer is coming…Refresh your promo closet!

Monday is summer. I know, it feels like it has been summer here for 2 months now. I don’t know about yall but this 105 degree heat index in early June is killing me. Please tell me it isn’t going to get worse. I have lived here for 11 years now, I realize, it is going to get worse. Silver lining, I am not pregnant and carrying 30 extra pounds this summer! Wow, that was brutal…but worth it 🙂

So, back to the topic at hand. My friends, it is summer and there are few conferences and events to attend. The networking dies down as most families plan one (or more if lucky) vacations out of town, and all of the prospecting seems to vanish for a few short months. BUT, we all know that September comes quickly, and when it is here, we wish we had spent some of our down time investing, researching, and preparing for what is to come. Why not be THE only one out there hitting your prospective clients while the other guy is on vacation? Sounds like a plan to me. So here are some of my favorite “hot” items to refresh your promo closet right now while outside it is hotter than Hades and the air condition inside is heavenly.

Waterproof Dry Bag: To be used by the pool, on the boat, or at the beach. Valuables, phones, cash money…I am sure you all have much more creative uses.C7H_group


Sun Shade, to keep your car “cool”, well, South Carolina cool…AKA a balmy 90 degrees rather than 100.7037_group_l


Sport Towel: Now this is genius for those of us who sweat constantly, keep this handy dandy in your glove compartment. My dad could certainly use one of these…sorry Dad…love you mean it!7855_group

Collapsible Cooler Picnic Basket…self explanatory. We don’t use these that often anymore because spontaneous picnics are pretty much out of the question for parents of children under 5, but cheers to all that can still do spontaneous romantic picnics on the beach. One day we will be there again I hope.3579_ii_group


Hangover Kit…Duh. Party time! Long days on the beach with friends and too many beers (or canned Rose, my current fav)…again, something I used to be privy to but have a hard time finding the saturdays to do this anymore with two babes. And when I do get a rare saturday off, watch out! I may need 5 of these!image


Bluetooth Selfie Button…for those selfies when you are on the beach. Document it; You will want to look at it one day and remember that you used to have FREE saturdays. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my saturdays with my little family, but they look much different than they used to!image (1)

Last but not least…Nibble & Sip. My two favorite things to do. Take this anywhere! It is sort of an amazing thing that the two can be one. No digging thru bags to find the larabar you threw in there 5 days ago.image (2)


Alright, that’s all for today folks! Enjoy summer, and enjoy the beach. I’ll be there, but look for the mom chasing one child into the dunes and the other from eating shells, with my can of Rose of course! Surf’s Up!


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