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What is that logo going to cost me?

Catching my interest today is the new marketing”incubator” concept…connecting entrepreneurs with  “marketing mentors” for advice. It poses a great scenario that I think we will start to see much more throughout industries: the sharing of resources to provide benefits without … Continue reading


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The Arms & Legs of the Trademark

An interesting story in the newspaper yesterday got me started thinking about how territorial some can become over their branding. In summary, the article “Who Owns Crimson and White?”, there is a lawsuit against an artist for painting images from Alabama football … Continue reading

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“Farm to Table”

I recently found this video, and it struck my interest for a few reasons. I Love Yountville. I had the chance to visit in September 2011 and was blown away by the quaint yet sophisticated way of life there. It reminded … Continue reading

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Hot off the press…

Dedicating the blog post to these guys today…because this is the coolest new product! Check out the revolutionary digital wallet: Geode from iCache!  

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