Update to an update to an update

Long time, no update…I know. Well since I wrote last, I had a sweet little boy, and he is taking up a lot of what used to be my blog time. I get chunks of time during the day when he is napping, but they are spent catching up on work emails to clients for the most part; And extra loads of laundry as well. I can’t believe how time is flying already. Wade is 4 months old today, and becoming more of a little man each day. What an amazing experience it has been thus far.

When I was thinking about writing this update and what I needed to include, although a lot came to mind, one really stood out to me. This town has so many great things going all the time, but the end of last year, I was contacted by a lady who is doing great great things in the baby world here in our own Charleston! It struck my attention because at the time I was 6 months pregnant, and now that I have had Wade, I realize even more what an amazing story she has to tell.

Olivia Daniel with Developmental Duffle contacted me last year to print some things for her. When we sat down at Starbucks, I really did not fully understand what she had to offer, but after listening, I had a greater understanding of the need. Her company puts together bags that are marketed to different infant age groups with toys that cater specifically to the milestones that children should meet in the time period. For instance, the 0-6 month bag comes with 6 toys that will help a child develop their smile, their interaction with others, explore their voice and other sounds, as well as use their hands. Each bag comes with a deck of cards that explains what milestone each toy focuses on and some games to play with each. I use each of these toys on a daily basis with Wade and feel like I can now truly say that this concept is so interesting. In Olivia’s words, so much money is spent on useless toys that babies get bored with because they are not challenged the way they should be. With these bags, you can rest assured that your child is not only having fun, but learning while doing so. With much experience and background, Olivia works with toy companies across the United States to provide the most effective and cutting edge products. I can’t say enough about this concept! Developmental Duffle products can be found at http://developmentalduffle.com



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