Did you know?

Artwork: seems so simple, yet when someone asks you for VECTOR artwork, your face gets all squirmish, and you curl up in a ball in your office wondering how and why you can’t just send the copy and pasted version from the website. Or why you CAN’T just tell them the font that you used and have them recreate.

So what is vector artwork? Well, it is essentially artwork that is converted to outlines or paths. And why is it required? Because, as imprint areas are different sizes on all items, when an image is enlarged or made smaller for a particular imprint area, it will not distort the image if it has been converted into outlines. It can easily be converted in a program such as Illustrator or CorelDRAW.  And beware: “You can’t simply give the font you used to your printer. It’s against the law. While this might be common practice, it’s not right. So avoid any legal issues by complying with the request.”

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  1. C. Zoeller says:

    What a practical post. Love it!

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