You say, “hot rods.” I say, “Prada.” You say, “fluorescent paisley.” I say, “Jil Sander.” -WSJ

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal noted the change in fashion icons from a well thought out and strongly symbolic single logo to a multitude of similar and recognizable patterns. Many of the top name brands in fashion, from Coach to Louis Vuitton, started a trend years ago by placing their logos in step and repeat to create “THE” pattern for their handbags, shoes, scarves, and more. They are now changing their direction and taking the logo out of the spotlight, and why?

Last year, when Missoni created a new line for Target, I could not have told you what a Missoni skirt even looked like? The stores were packed and sold out almost completely by 10am; I quickly realized that it was not the quality of the clothing or the fit of the skirts and dresses that herded the crowds into the stores, but it was the eye-catching patterns that Missoni is known for that created such a stir.

So maybe it is not such a “new” concept…Maybe Missoni knew something long before all of these other brands? The availability and ease of new printing methods allow printers to step outside of the box with complex designs in a multitude of colors, but will it appeal to the masses as Missoni has, or will it be a quick fashion stint that flourishes with the blink of an eye? And more importantly, will it trickle into other industries? Will the use of a Logo become ancient and replaced with a bold pattern to represent the brand?

We have seen a few suppliers in our industry moving toward “Total Branding” rather than the old school screen print of a logo on a coffee mug; But can it last as a way for the world to recognize your company, your product, and your presence, or is it just another fad?



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