“Life is a festival only to the wise.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

This weekend marks the start of a favorite season of Charleston’s, Festival season. Who knew that you could make a season out of events? Well, Charleston does it well…starting off with a bang this weekend with a bigge: SEWE, and next weekend Brewvival. The season usually comes as a refresher now that we have all had time to recover from the Holidays, and typically, it promises to bring warmer weather (which if that means 100 degrees by May this year, I am not in favor).

Festivals are an interesting animal that Charleston seems to have figured out how to tackle. They can be a monster to plan and put together, in fact, there are quite a few over the next 6 months that take the whole year to put together. One whole year dedicated to 1 weekend; Which says to me, those weekends must be money makers! Kind of seems irresponsible to throw all of your energy into them if they are not, right?

On top of ticket sales though, what else is to credit for the unparalleled success of this Season in Charleston? Of course, our weather, our beaches, our restaurants, our golf, and our people…but there is an underlying theme at these festivals. This season brings the locals out of their shells! Yes, the tourists come in flocks as well, but Charleston seems to come alive with spirit, to host these festivals as well as attend. They are a common ground for our community to gather, and experience the place that we all call home. Every business in Charleston prospers from this time of the year, and we should all be thankful we live in a place where we have that opportunity.

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