Grammy Award: Used to be an alright system of giving merit to exceptionally good singers. Now it’s just a rigged scamfest where talentless idiots get awarded just for being on MTV, VH-1, or B.E.T..

Glamorous dresses, spotlights, glitter, jewels, celebrities, cameras…we cant seem to get enough of it this time of the year. Sunday brings us the 2012 Grammy Awards, the biggest night in music…

What else lies behind this night? Well, despite what you might think from the coverage, the main reason musicians show up is for the award, right? It is not the parties, or the spotlight that matter; Taking home one of those golden glories is really what matters in the end, or does it? Do you think that the winners actually display those trophies as we do from an early age?

Doubtful…I bet they go in the closet with all the other junk collected from award shows and ceremonies over the years. But, the recognition stays on, just as it does in all industries. Recognition of achievement is important, whether it be for a song that hits platinum, or 5 years with a company. Awards don’t have to be trophies either, they can come in all shapes and sizes…clocks, knives, pens…Think outside of the box for something that won’t get thrown in the closet.

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