Before Disaster Strikes!

I have been running around in this rain all day long. If you live in Charleston, or have visited the Holy City in the past month, you know what happens to our city when it rains. Streets flood, everyone forgets how to drive, people get stuck at work, people get stuck at home, the grocery sells out of milk…OK, that last one was probably a little bit far-fetched. BUT, funny as I sit looking out my office window at this gloom of a day, I stumble upon an article in my latest Promotional Products Business Mag titled “Before Disaster Strikes!” The article takes us through an important subject that most businesses do not spend much time preparing for or even thinking over; Disaster.

In our neck of the woods, that is most likely to refer to Hurricanes, Hurricane Season, or any of their derivatives: Tropical Storm, High Winds, Flooding, Thunderstorms. I heard a few days ago on the weather channel that we have now hit the record for number of named storms before July. The third named storm historically comes on or later than August 13. So, I guess this article on Disaster Preparedness is well-timed for many this week as some of us watch Chantal’s approach.

Some highlights that I got from the article:

1) Make sure you have insurance coverage

2) Have a generator on hand-you may not use it much, but when you need it you will be glad you have been storing it forever

3) Protect your files and your data

4) Make a plan-even if small, employees need to know what the expectations are from the company

And for today, here is a promotional product you probably wish you had on hand:


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