“Farm to Table”

I recently found this video, and it struck my interest for a few reasons. I Love Yountville. I had the chance to visit in September 2011 and was blown away by the quaint yet sophisticated way of life there. It reminded me of home…of  Charleston…a place where focus lies on local ingredients and partnership as a community creates a better place to live.

Coming up in April, Charleston celebrates Eat Local Month. Although more and more restaurants tend to celebrate this on a regular basis with menu items revolving around what comes from the farms nearby. Not only does this support our community, but it keeps Charleston a healthier and happier place. At a recent Lowcountry Local First Meeting, Executive Director Jamee Haley told members that “Buying Local and Eating Local are what will pull us through this economic downturn.” After hearing that, I think more and more about where I eat, where I shop, and why I choose the suppliers, chefs, and store owners that I do.

Next Month, I encourage all of you to focus a bit more on our local eats. Let that Bay Laurel stock your pantry and nourish your tummy.

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