Branding Genius


Sometimes I get the urge to write about something that I am passionate about. Today, I felt the urge…to talk about Pure Barre. For 6 months now I have been going to Pure Barre religiously, so I feel that I can honestly say now that I am passionate about the work out, about the people, about the environment, and about their branding.

First things first, the work-out…holy #thighsburnsobad! After the first day, I thought I would never walk again; but for some reason, I kept coming back. And although it never gets easier, you learn the ways to work harder in each pose so you continue to challenge your muscles…and somehow, the burning becomes addictive. Talk to almost anyone who has stuck with the workout more than a month and they will say the same, I promise.

Mentally, when I go in that room, I check-out. I check out of my day and what has been surrounding me, and check-in to focusing purely on the workout itself. It is a mental break that leaves you feeling energized after you take 55 minutes off of the hustle and bustle. If you don’t focus mentally, you will never get the full benefit of the workout because there is too much going on to think about anything else. The fast pace has you changing what you are doing every 20-30 seconds, so you must pay attention.

The Pure Barre Family…I felt like I was a part after day 1. They call you by name, they greet when you walk in, they smile when they see you at lunch after class, and they encourage you in every way they know how. I know from experience there are a lot of encouraging fitness “families” around Charleston, and we are so very lucky to live in a city where this is true.

Branding…that is why I write this blog, right? Well…sometimes 🙂 Anyway, yes, Pure Barre has got the branding thing going on!  Even if you have never been to Pure Barre, you know that bright red P when you see it, right? It is on their leg warmers, their red work out balls, their cars, their facebook page, their nutrition bars, their socks, and the list goes on. Their walls are red, their mats are red, and if you reach 100 classes, you get socks with red grippers.


I often think of the list of traits that come with a successful brand. There are many, and I could sit here all night naming, but one that resonates with me is the fact that any part of a logo can stand alone and signify the brand just as strong as the company name. PURE BARRE, you don’t have to see the name written out to know what the red circle with a P stands for. It does not come overnight, but once you make this connection in other’s minds, you are well on your way to recognition. Although they have done much nationally to push the brand by getting celebrities behind it as well as multiple national publications and magazines, each local PB team reps the brand around town day and night. I am proud to walk over to Whole Foods sporting my shirt-inquiring minds want to know, what is this Pure Barre work out and maybe I should try out the LTB…By the way, that is Lift.Tone.Burn…yes they even coined this phrase!

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