Love Day

Be Mine

I know, I am a day late on this one. I meant to write this all day yesterday and just never prioritized; Usual…Anyway, I really did not want this one to get by me because I really LOVE to write about LOVE!

Here is the thing, I love love..I really do. You will often hear me say or see me text LOVE in all-caps, like I am shouting from the rooftop: “I LOVE wine,” “I LOVE LOVE Pure Barre,” or “I LOVE LOVE LOVE Friday nights at home with my Hubs.” Now is it necessary to use the word LOVE for all of these and especially in all-caps? I think it is…because when I use it, I mean it!

I said yesterday and will say again today, I know that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday, but who is to complain about a day dedicated to Love? We could all use an excuse to say “I Love You” an extra time or to an extra person at least once a year if not more, so I will always LOVE Valentine’s Day for that very reason and you should too!

American Hearth Month

February is also Heart Awareness Month. It is no coincidence that they coordinated it with the month of Love. Events around town from Grand Balls to 5k Runs are held to educate the community on the heart. You have lots of reasons to celebrate this month, so even if ‘Love Day’ is not your thing, love your own heart and get out in the community. You may find yourself giving away extra hugs or ‘I love you’s along the way…

Heart Pedometer

Heart Krazy Straw Sipper

Heart Clock


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