The Perfect Box

A recent meeting with a client got me thinking about the perfect packaging, and what exactly that entails. Does “The Perfect Box” actually exist, and if it does, what is it?

I started doing some research for the specific project and came across an article written a few years ago about the Tiffany’s Blue Box.

The packaging for this high-end jewelry store has not changed since the start of the company. The consistency with which Tiffany’s uses this color and this package no matter what the purchase has created what could be called the “Tiffany’s Experience.” Not only do you know that something special inside the box awaits, but also the act of receiving the box itself is an event, and a fun one at that!

An excerpt from an article on The Tiffany’s Box states:

” Tiffany’s iconic robin’s egg blue box, the Cartier red box or the Hermés orange box often make the receiver happy before they even look inside.  The Tiffany box seems to inspire the most devotion with people eager to get their hands on it.  “All the time people come in and ask for boxes,” says Tom Carroll, a regional vice president with Tiffany. ”

So, the key to the perfect box? I guess what goes into it always helps create the experience, but branding is a large part as well. Create something that is recognized without the name, and stick to it! Don’t change packaging over and over based on different products or offerings, or color trends. People will come to know your package as something larger than just a box.

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