“And what do you do?”


I have been traveling a lot recently and have been around a lot of new people. Introductions are always fun…you have to go through the…Where are you from?, Do you have brothers and sisters?, Are you married?, Where did you go to school?, Do you know So-and-So?, and the always What do you do?

Answering that question can be lengthy or straight to the point. If you are a dentist, you can simply say “Dentist”. If you are an accountant, you can simply say “Accountant.” My job, however, takes a bit more time to explain. And through my explanations, and observations of the opposite counterpart’s questions and reaction, I realize that SO many people have no idea that my industry even exists…

I was the same way before getting into the promotional products world. I really had no clue where koozies were born. I had never considered why, where, and how companies had shirts embroidered. But I quickly realized the industry was EVERYWHERE! As a matter of fact, nine times out of ten, when I start to explain what it is that “I DO,” it is followed by an abrupt, “OH, I need this, or I have been thinking of getting this done, or My Company has been looking to do that for an event.”

It not only makes me appreciate what I do even more, but also realize how many companies and individuals need our products and our services. It is nice to have those little reminders at times…Marketing is and never will be a dying industry; and even more so, the tangibles and promo products are here to stand the test of time.

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