To the Rescue…

Ever wonder why you always see construction workers and traffic attendants wearing that same fluorescent yellow? Other than being so bright that you can’t miss them, did you know that there are actual colors issued by the United States Code of Federal Regulations?

Not only is it us marketeers out there focused on color; Shades of orange, yellow, red, green, blue and even purple are regulated for high visibility. Clothing comes in Safety Yellow, traffic cones come in Safety Orange, and Fire Trucks come in Safety Red…well, usually.

In one city, red does not signify the caution of fire. Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue team arrives in “Garden Green” trucks, and plans to keep the tradition alive. Interestingly enough they feel that it still stands out enough for people to get out-of-the-way. “The proof that Fire Chief Pete Bergel often cites: In his 30 years with the city, no fire-department vehicle has been rear-ended. The color “is in your face,” Whether or not it is the truth for why they keep this yellow-green truck in their fire house, it can’t be argued that it stands out.

“Fire chiefs often point to a 2009 FEMA study that suggests the use of certain lighting systems or striping on the vehicles could be key to commanding attention on today’s roadways of distracted drivers.” I guess this is why they have regulated the shade of every safety uniform, sign, cone, line, and tape. What they are branding is the connotation; It may not be a logo or particular graphic, but by sticking to the “Safety” Color, they are branding their message.

After all, don’t you move when  you see the big red, or green, fire truck coming through?



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1 Response to To the Rescue…

  1. TransitionMarketing says:

    What a creative way to draw attention to the use of colour in branding. Your colour scheme speaks loudly about your brand. When properly handled colour schemes can develop a natural association by consumers towards your brand – similar, a you say to the natural association we draw to safety colours, light and reflective tape.

    Thank you for sharing this!

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