Sports Teams are something that you do not always immediately associate with Logos…you are more quick to recognize their name, their mascot, or their colors first. However, the logos are an important part of the package as are the other parts that go into each marketing plan. And if the logos are created well, they should come to mind almost immediately.

It was all over the news today that the Carolina Panther’s changed their logo for the first time in their team history. Team President attributes the change to the need for “a cleaner style that is easier to read and should be more applicable to different uses.”

This made me think about logo redesign in general. There must be a pro/con list performed before deciding on anything. I know that I would personally be attached to a particular logo after 17 seasons, but there is something refreshing about a new look, as long as it is not a completely different look. If I were conducting the pro/con list for the Panther’s, below would be my list:


Appeal to younger fans

Easier to reproduce (as in, on promo products, signage, collateral, uniforms, website, etc)

Team in the spotlight in an otherwise “off” time

Urges fans to purchase new team gear ($$$)


Is it a large enough change to justify the costs involved?

Will people even notice?

ALL marketing materials, signage, etc need updated

Long-time fans upset by change?

It happens all the time, and apparently the Carolina Panthers waited much longer than most sports teams to re-create themselves (probably should have done it back when they were on a loosing streak). The fact of the matter is that in their case at least, it appears that the changes they made are productive changes. Their colors and general “look” are still congruent with where they started, but their fresh approach will make for cleaner marketing. Some other teams that could use a little help:

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